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…Music, Art, and Life


Mary Weiler and Ron Scharer  are the owners of Crossroads Custom Framing in downtown Farmington. They have been long time music fans, and their love of rock and roll became an integral part of their relationship when they attended the Crossroads Guitar Festival in June 2004 held in Dallas, TX.

They met two people from England who became great friends and started them on their travels about the world to see some of their favorite musicians. They also bought a concert poster that was the first piece of what has become an overwhelming collection of rock and roll memorabilia. The memorabilia renewed their interests in design and framing, work which they each did earlier in their lives.


Mary and Ron are healthcare professionals who after long careers in that field, began to wonder what turn their lives might next take. Ron retired in 2010, where he felt something new had to happen. An opportunity arose to start a business in a field that was very appealing to them—if for no reason other than to frame their growing collection of music-related art. In November 2010, with great enthusiasm and a bit of trepidation, they opened Crossroads Custom Framing.


At the crossroads of Columbia and Henry Streets, you will most likely find them dressed in their music-related garb. But don’t be fooled by their “hippie” presence. Mary and Ron are professionals who understand why you are in their shop: to get quality work around your treasures.

Crossroads Custom Framing, 122 E. Columbia, Farmington, MO (573)701-0577

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